We Deliver!


Our trucks are well maintained to ensure the flowers arrive at the storage facility in good time.

Storage Facility

Our Storage facility is within the Cargo section at the Airport. Fitted with state of the equipment to maintain the quality of the flowers.

Freight (Shipping)

We ensure constant communication with our clients, our flowers leave on scheduled time and monitored throughout the flight until the destination.

Order and Shipping

Orders should be sent within 5 working days prior to the shipment day from Kenya. Orders for
departure on Thursday should be forwarded to us on Saturday 12:00 noon.
It’s important to point out that most of the plantations require minimum orders on that we are
compelled to ask you to adhere to this information when preparing your orders:
 Minimum order for all flowers varieties irrespective of lengths – 100 pieces.
Flowers are delivered from the farms to the cold room at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport,
Nairobi. The Flowers are then stored in modern cold rooms with continuous temperature control.
Shipment is loaded on airline pallets and delivered to various foreign destinations.
We can ship the flowers on any day of the week!
*Air freight rates may fluctuate periodically depending on the time of year and the situation with the fuel
on world markets. Stay tuned.